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About Us

Homefoods Processing and Cannery Limited (HFPCL) is a food processing company and agro-foods export company. Currently, we have a distribution network that includes the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, North America, The Gambia and South Africa. From its inception nearly fifteen (15) years ago, our core business involved exporting West-African food ingredients to Europe. Currently our product range includes a wide range of food ingredients to cater not only to West-Africans both at home and abroad but for all cultures. HFPCL has a staff strength of sixteen (16) and is a member of the Ghana Freezone Board.

Our Values

Relationship Building

Our customers mean the world to us. Therefore, we strive to work hand in hand with them to meet their needs and expectations. We do not believe in one-off business transactions, but rather long-standing business relationships that are mutually beneficial. Hence, we take painstaking steps to maintain our business relations by ensuring that our customers get the best service and products on the market.


The quality of our products is our source of pride. This we refuse to compromise at any point in our production chain. Through teamwork and a commitment to our values, we work effortlessly to maintain superior quality by:

  • Sourcing out the best suppliers of our products in their raw state
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality control within our production unit and through our production process
  • Providing attractive and quality packaging for our products that is appealing to the consumer

Creativity & Innovation

We are aware that efficiency is borne out of creativity and innovation; as such we constantly develop new methods to improve our levels of production, whilst maintaining quality standards.

Our Human Capital

We search the market for the best people for the right jobs, within our company. This ensures that at all times we have the best and highly skilled people at each stage of production. Ours is to recruit, develop and retain the best the market has to offer.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Our deep understanding of community and sustainability urges us to give back to the community through the empowerment of women and our adoption of orphans and street children.


Corporate & Social Responsibility

We also offer financial support to Orphanages, and currently in the process of adopting some of these children to support them in their education.

Due to our social attachment to orphans and street children, we ensure that there is no child labour involved in these processes of our agro-products for export.

The company ensures that all purchases of its agro-products for export such as; Gari and Red Palm Oil are from women co-operative associations. This is in line with the government of Ghana’s poverty alleviation programme, to improve the livelihood of a great number of women in the country’s rural regions and districts.

Over a period of three (3) years, from 2005 through to 2008, purchases of these agro-products by our company, from these regions and districts has exceeded USD$3,000,000 million. Therefore, financially empowering parents to better cater for their families and the education of their children.


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