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  • Palava Sauce

    Palava Sauce

    A delicacy of many natives of West Africa, this dish cannot be originally linked to any West African country. The
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  • Gari Foto

    Gari Foto

    Similar to couscous, Gari Foto is a Ghanaian delicacy which can be served as a main dish mixed with vegetables
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  • Jollof Rice

    Jollof Rice Suggested Rice Recipe (4 Persons)Ready in 15 MinutesQuantity Ingredient900 ML Boiled Water500 Grams Rice125 ML Homefoods Vegetable Oil100
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  • Beans Stew & Fried Plantain (Red Red)

    Beans Stew & Fried Plantain (Red Red) Ghanaian beans stew normally called red-red is a traditionally dish served with fried
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  • Waakye Rice

    Waakye Rice Quantity Ingredients3000 Grams Water 120 grams Homefoods Waakye Seasoning 120 Grams Rice Raw 80 Grams BeansMethod of Preparation:1.
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  • Fried Rice

    Fried Rice

    Fried Rice Suggested Rice Recipe (4 Persons)Ready in 15 Minutes Quantity Ingredients900 ML Boiled Water500 Grams Rice125 ML Homefoods Vegetable
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  • Tropisoup (Palm Cream Soup)

    Tropisoup (Palm Cream Soup) Quantity Ingredients 900 Grams Water 400 Grams Meat or fish (Assorted) 259 Grams Homefoods Tropisoup 100
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  • Fried Plantain (Kelewele)

    Fried Plantain (Kelewele) Quantity Ingredients 500 Grams Homefoods Vegetable Oil 200 Grams Ripe Plantain 15 Grams Red Pepper (Blended) 15
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  • Meat Balls

    Meat Balls Quantity Ingredient 500 Grams Homefoods Vegetable Oil 200 Grams Minced Meat 100 Grams Chopped Onion / Green Pepper 50
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  • Yam Balls

    Yam Balls Quantity Ingredient 400 Grams Homefoods Vegetable Oil 250 Grams Yam 50 Grams Margarine 5 Grams Homefoods All Purpose
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  • Fish Stew

    Fish Stew Quantity Ingredient 1000 Grams Fresh Fish 200 Grams Onion (Blended) 150 Grams Fresh cut Tomatoes 125 Grams Homefoods
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International Food & Beverages Quality Award

On 30th January, 2017, Homefoods Processing & Cannery Limited was recognized as part of The Global Trade Leaders ́ Club at The International Food & Beverage Quality Awards, which was held in Madrid, Spain. The CEO of Homefoods, Ms Felicia Twumasi received the award on behalf of the company. The award scheme was created to distinguish and stimulate companies belonging to the Food and Beverage sector worldwide. 

T.W.A.R.M Business, Leadership & Achievers Awards

Two Awards, Business Innovation in the Food Sector and Best Producers of Indigenous Food in Africa were awarded to Homefoods' CEO,Madam Felicia Twumasi and the company respectively.

African Brand Leadership Merit Award

Homefoods was awarded Africa's Best Premium Food Products Company of the year 2016 at the African Brand Congress held in Lagos, Nigeria.