Cooking Tips

Pre-cooking:  Rinse the rice thoroughly. Soak for 15minutes.

Measures: Open pan cooking : 4 cups of water for 1cup of rice.

Closed Pan Cooking : 2cups of water for 1cup of rice. (The rice may require slightly more or less water to cook depending on how hard or soft the water is.) Add 1 table spoon of butter or oil or margarine; and salt to taste.

Cooking Methods:

Open Pan: Bring water to rolling boil. Add the rice and stir gently. Cook uncovered for 7-9 minutes on medium heat. Drain and rinse with more boiling water.

Closed Pan: Bring water and rice to boil. Cover pan with tight lid and let it simmer for 8-9minutes. Remove from heat and allow it to stand covered for 2minutes.