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Jollof Rice

Suggested Rice Recipe (4 Persons)

Ready in 15 Minutes

Quantity    Ingredient
900 ML       Boiled Water
500 Grams   Rice
125 ML       Homefoods Vegetable Oil
100 Grams  fresh tomato or 2 tomatoes
100 Grams  Chopped Onion
 35 Grams   Homefoods Jollof Rice Seasoning
 25 Grams   Tomato Puree

Method of Preparation :

1. Mill the fresh tomato and tomato puree together to obtain paste.
2. Pour Homefoods Vegetable Oil in to saucepan and add tomato paste.
3. Cook under moderate heat whilst stirring.
4. Fry until oil appears red.
5. Add Kpakpo shito.
6. Add Jollof Rice seasoning and add boiled water immediately.
7. Wash rice with boiled water and add to gravy.
8. Bring rice to boil.
9. As rice gently cooks, add chopped onions.

The Secret:
* Using boiled water reduces time spent in cooking by 20 mins.
* Use chopped onion at the final stage.