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Tropisoup (Palm Cream Soup)

Quantity       Ingredients               
900 Grams    Water                     
400 Grams    Meat or fish (Assorted)             
259 Grams    Homefoods Tropisoup            
100 Grams    Tomato Puree                 
 20 Grams    Homefoods All Purpose Seasoning      
 20 Grams    Kpakposhito Puree                  
 15 Grams    Onion Puree      
 10 Grams    Ginger Puree                   

Method of Preparation:

1. Prepare Fish or Meat (Assorted) and add tomato puree, Onion Puree, Ginger Puree and Homefoods All Purpose Seasoning and water for stock and allow to simmer.
2. Add Homefooods Tropisoup and water to the steaming Meat or Fish (Assorted).
3. Allow the Soup to simmer to the desired thickness.
4. Take it off the fire and serve with Fufu, Banku, Kokonte, ect.