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Meat Balls

Quantity       Ingredient                   
500 Grams      Homefoods Vegetable Oil          
200 Grams      Minced Meat                           
100 Grams      Chopped Onion / Green Pepper          
 50 Grams       Breadcrumbs                    
 50 Grams       Soft Flour                      
 30 Grams       Kpakposhito (Blended)                
 10 Grams       Homefoods All Purpose Seasoning         
  1 Egg           Egg Yolk                       

Method of Preparation:

1. Pour minced meat in a bowl. Add blended Onion and Kpakposhito puree, egg yolk and Homefoods All Purpose Seasoning and Mix.
2. Add chopped Green Pepper.
3. Mould in to individual Balls.
4. Coat with Soft Flour, Egg and Bread Crumbs.
5. Deep fry in Homefoods Vegetable Oil until Golden brown.