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Yam Balls

Quantity      Ingredient               
400 Grams     Homefoods Vegetable Oil         
250 Grams     Yam                      
 50 Grams      Margarine                   
  5 Grams      Homefoods All Purpose Seasoning      
  3 Grams      Kpakposhito Puree                 
  1 Gram       Grated Nutmeg                    
  1 Egg         Egg (Albumen of the Egg)              
Breadcrumbs as desired

Optional :
10 Grams  Milk                         

Method of Preparation:

1. Boil Yam thoroughly till cooked. Drain and mash to get a smooth result.
2. Add Margarine while still hot.
3. Add Kpakposhito, All Purpose Seasoning, Salt and grated Nutmeg.
4. Roll in to individual Balls and coat with Egg and Bread Crumbs (optional – Flour).
5. Deep fry them in Homefoods Vegetable Oil until Golden Brown colour.
6. Drain and serve with Vegetables and Meat.