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Fish Stew

Quantity        Ingredient     
1000 Grams     Fresh Fish                           
  200 Grams     Onion (Blended)                          
  150 Grams     Fresh cut Tomatoes                          
  125 Grams     Homefoods Vegetable Oil                    
    35 Grams     Tomato Puree                              
    35 Grams     Kpakposhito (Blended)                          
    20 Grams     Homefoods Fish Seasoning - Hot, Extra Hot & Mild          
      5 Grams     Salt                                        

200 Grams Fresh Onions                                                           

Method of Preparation:

1. Clean the Fish (if they are to be fried whole, make a slit on either side of the Fish) 
2. Marinate with Homefoods Fish Seasoning – Hot, Extra Hot & Mild.
3. Heat sufficient Homefoods Vegetable Oil in a frying pan until Fish is well done.
4. Drain Fish and set it aside.
5. Add blended Onions, blended pepper, tomato puree and simmer for 5 Minutes. Add fresh Onion as Optional.
6. Add fresh cut tomatoes.
7. Add water to the gravy. Allow to simmer until desired results.
8. Add fried Fish to gravy or spread the gravy over the Fish on a plate.
9. Serve with suitable accompaniment like Kenkey, Banku, Boiled Rice, Boiled Yam, ect.,