Our Journey

Our journey was a vision started by our founder and present CEO Felicia Twumasi, who conceived the idea of creating, building and establishing a food processing company on her kitchen table. It was a BIG dream indeed. Her dream was to build an agro-business empire adding value to perishable agro products, thereby enhancing food security leading to creating wealth for farmers and the nation.

After being in operation since 1995, Homefoods has grown from a very humble kitchen table business to a factory floor with over 150 employees.

We operate from four processing sites as we have outgrown our present processing factory floor. Future plans include relocating into our modern facility by 2017 so as to  incorporate all these sites..The dream of building an AGRO-FOOD PROCESSING EMPIRE is not far from achieving as we synergise the initiatives of our professionals, experts , farmers and sundry to realise our dream of building sustainable food security for the nation and leaving a legacy of initiative and creativity for posterity.

Homefoods plans to be a global food ingredients purveyors, providing quality, innovative, authentic, ethnic, culinary and gourmet range of food products.


The WACOMP International Cluster Conference 2024 Exhibition.



The WACOMP (West Africa Competitiveness Programme) International Cluster Conference 2024 Exhibition took place on June 11, 2024, at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana. This event was a pivotal component of the broader WACOMP Conference, which aimed to foster competitiveness and enhance value chains in West Africa.

Eminent Africans Global Integrity Award- EAGI Award 2024

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Madam Felicia Twumasi, has been honored with the Eminent Africans Global Award. This prestigious accolade celebrates her exceptional leadership and transformative contributions to the food industry. Under her visionary guidance, Homefoods has achieved significant growth, sustainability, and positive social impact. Madam Twumasi's dedication and innovative approach have not only elevated our company but also set new standards of excellence across the continent and beyond. This award is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her influential role in the industry.

Visit From GHIB, London

Homefoods was thrilled to host Ghana International Bank, London at our Odorkor factory. From insightful discussions with our CEO to exploring our cutting-edge facilities, it's clear our shared vision for innovation is paving the way for exciting collaborations ahead. The tour highlighted the company's dedication to maintaining high standards and fostering growth in the industry. #GlobalPartnerships #InnovationAtWork