Rice Seasoning

Ethnic Range

Homefoods' Ethnic Range are essential food ingredients for every kitchen. We understand the needs of our consumers and customers, thus provide food products for everyday use. Whatever the taste of our consumers, we offer products which are manufactured and packaged with the highest quality.

Enjoy our Ethnic Food Range, making every meal an experience.

Popular Cusines from west africa, Just pop our microwaveable Ready to Eat (RTE's) meals into the oven for three minutes and while it heats up, let the rising steam and fragrance arouse your senses. 


• Blend 1 onion with ginger and green chillies. 

• Add blended ingredients, salt and Homefoods Chicken/ All Purpose Seasoning to washed chicken. 

• Place on fire and allow to a boil, add tomato puree till chicken or meat partly cooks. 

• Add fresh onion, red chillies, and fresh tomatoes in whole to the steaming chicken. 

• Mix Homefoods Neri Neri Paste with water till it becomes smooth. 

• Add the Neri Neri mixed with water to the chicken on fire.

• Add the water as preferred. 

• Remove & Blend the cooked onion, pepper and tomatoes. 

• Add to the soup on fire. Add smoked fish and • Allow to cook for 10 -15 minutes. 


Homefoods 1000/0 Honey "All natural, all good" Our "All Natural Honey" is produced from different regions of Ghana. 

Here, the honey is harvested using both modern and traditional harvesting methods. 

This ensures that the natural state of the honey is unspoiled. 

Millet Porridge Mix Millet falls under ancient grains category with gluten free benefits and can be used in a variety of recipe. Hausa kooko is one of the few breakfast recipes enjoyed in Ghana which involves the use of millet, ginger and other natural spices.

Homefoods Hausa Kooko mix with our assorted flavours are easy to prepare through the addition of the millet porridge mix with water and stirring on fire till it thickens.

The high health benefit Homefoods Hausa Kooko has to offer is related to its fiber content, thus, help reduce low-density lipoprotein ('bad cholesterol'). It has high antioxidant properties which help reduce blood pressure and the risk of getting heart attacks. Minerals such as calcium, iron are found in large amount.

Homefoods' Vegetable Oil is a high quality cooking palm oil containing rich natural source of beta carotene (pro-vitamin A). It is refined, processed and packaged whilst adhering to international quality control standards.

The Vegetable Oil which is also known as Palm Olein is considered as the gold standard in frying and is perhaps, on its own, the most widely used frying oil in the world.




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    All Purpose Seasoning

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    Lemon, Coconut, Pepper Seasoning

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  • Chicken Breading

    Chicken Breading

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  • AfricGrill


    Marinate 1 steak in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon chili powder, then juice of 2 limes, 4 minced garlic
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A visit from our Netherlands Customers

A visit from our Netherlands Customers (Asia Express) to our Accra Office on 15th November 2019.

Ghana: Growing from a small palm oil exporter into a sizeable food business

Felicia Twumasi established Homefoods in 1995. The idea for a business had been brewing since she was at convent school. Initially, the company focused exclusively on the export of red palm oil, securing substantial market share through a partner in the UK under the Blue Bay label, but today it also produces a range spices and seasonings, sauces and local Ghanaian favourites such as gari. Jeanette Clark spoke to Felicia about putting a supply chain in place, export vs local markets and the grind to grow the company’s customer base.


Homefoods was priveledged to host our European customers (Fresh Tropical) at our Accra Office-Odorkor.