• Blend 1 onion with ginger and green chillies. 

• Add blended ingredients, salt and Homefoods Chicken/ All Purpose Seasoning to washed chicken. 

• Place on fire and allow to a boil, add tomato puree till chicken or meat partly cooks. 

• Add fresh onion, red chillies, and fresh tomatoes in whole to the steaming chicken. 

• Mix Homefoods Neri Neri Paste with water till it becomes smooth. 

• Add the Neri Neri mixed with water to the chicken on fire.

• Add the water as preferred. 

• Remove & Blend the cooked onion, pepper and tomatoes. 

• Add to the soup on fire. Add smoked fish and • Allow to cook for 10 -15 minutes. 


  • Palava Sauce

    Palava Sauce

    A delicacy of many natives of West Africa, this dish cannot be originally linked to any West African country. The
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  • Gari Foto

    Gari Foto

    Similar to couscous, Gari Foto is a Ghanaian delicacy which can be served as a main dish mixed with vegetables
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  • Tropisoup (Palm Cream Soup)

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  • Fried Plantain (Kelewele)

    Fried Plantain (Kelewele) Quantity Ingredients 500 Grams Homefoods Vegetable Oil 200 Grams Ripe Plantain 15 Grams Red Pepper (Blended) 15
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  • Meat Balls

    Meat Balls Quantity Ingredient 500 Grams Homefoods Vegetable Oil 200 Grams Minced Meat 100 Grams Chopped Onion / Green Pepper 50
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  • Yam Balls

    Yam Balls Quantity Ingredient 400 Grams Homefoods Vegetable Oil 250 Grams Yam 50 Grams Margarine 5 Grams Homefoods All Purpose
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  • Fish Stew

    Fish Stew Quantity Ingredient 1000 Grams Fresh Fish 200 Grams Onion (Blended) 150 Grams Fresh cut Tomatoes 125 Grams Homefoods
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  • Millet Porridge Mix (Hausa Koko Flour)

    MILLET PORRIDGE MIX (HAUSA KOKO FLOUR) INGREDIENTS: - 125 grams of Homefoods Hausa Koko flour - 720 grams of water - 245 grams
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  • Banku Mix Flour (Corn & Cassava Dough)

    BANKU MIX FLOUR (Corn & Cassava Dough) INGREDIENTS: - 250 grams of Homefoods Banku mix flour - 600 grams of water - Salt
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  • Konkonte

    KONKONTE INGREDIENTS: - 125 grams of Homefoods Konkonte cassava flour - 480 grams of water - Pinch of salt (optional) METHOD OF PREPARATION:
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A visit from our Netherlands Customers

A visit from our Netherlands Customers (Asia Express) to our Accra Office on 15th November 2019.

Ghana: Growing from a small palm oil exporter into a sizeable food business

Felicia Twumasi established Homefoods in 1995. The idea for a business had been brewing since she was at convent school. Initially, the company focused exclusively on the export of red palm oil, securing substantial market share through a partner in the UK under the Blue Bay label, but today it also produces a range spices and seasonings, sauces and local Ghanaian favourites such as gari. Jeanette Clark spoke to Felicia about putting a supply chain in place, export vs local markets and the grind to grow the company’s customer base.


Homefoods was priveledged to host our European customers (Fresh Tropical) at our Accra Office-Odorkor.